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is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

Stream HBO Go and HBO Now with watch party app Scener

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Are you thinking of hosting a virtual HBO watch party without using specialized software can be a hassle. Besides, it's easy to fall out of sync, and trying to communicate with friends can result in annoying audio feedback. However, several apps are available that streamline the process, including Scener, which now supports HBO Now and HBO Go. Hence, if you are planning to create an HBO Watch Party or an HBO Max Watch Party? Then, rethink using the Scener app to enjoy a fulfilling streaming experience at your HBO Max Party. Moreover, users who subscribe to either of HBO's streaming platforms can sign up for Scener for free. And even create a virtual party by sharing a code, and begin watching movies or shows with friends.

Although Scener has been around for a while, it was previously only compatible with Netflix. However, according to The Verge, WarnerMedia, the company that owns HBO, reached out to Scener. And the rest of the other two companies or firms have been working together since March to ensure a seamless viewing experience. As social distancing measures have continued, the demand for HBO Watch Party tools has increased, prompting Scener to make some improvements to its Chrome extension. These updates include the addition of HBO Now and HBO Go and also help stabilize Scener's performance by managing resources between streaming video and running social and chat overlays.

Scener is one of many options for hosting an HBO Watch Party, though. Metastream is compatible with Netflix, YouTube, and more, while TwoSeven works with Hulu and Disney+ for a small subscription fee. It will be worth it for you to try different remedies to find the one that fits your needs the best. But, trying not using the Scener app to watch movies & shows with friends will slightly disappoint you. Additionally, the provided HBO Watch Party streaming service used to be compatible with Netflix only. 

How to Stream HBO Go and HBO by Using the Scener App?  

Here are some general steps to stream HBO Go and HBO Now using the Scener app. Moreover, following the steps can help you in creating your Watch Party HBO Max or HBO Party; let’s begin it: 

1. Download Scener app

To begin creating your HBO Party, either visit the official Scener website or the app store on your device. And then, download the Scener app from your app store. Remember, you can find the availability of the Scener app for various platforms. And these are Web Browsers, Mobile Devices, and Smart TVs.

2. Sign Up or Login into Scener 

Next, you must open the Scener app and then, sign up for an account if you are a new user. But, in case you are an existing one, simply log into your account using your credentials.

3. Install Scener extension 

Remember, to use Scener on a web browser, install the Scener browser extension; first. Because installing the extension lets Scener synchronize your video playback with other participants during watch parties. And forget to follow the on-screen instructions to install the Scener extension.

4. Begin HBO Watch Party

Once you're logged in to the Scener app, you can start a new HBO Max watch party. In the app, you'll find options to create a Watch Party HBO Max or join an existing one. At the end, you need to click on the "Start a watch party" option. 

5. Choose either HBO Go or HBO 

In the beginning of the HBO Max Watch Party setup process, select the streaming service you want to access. Don’t forget to choose between an HBO Go or HBO Now. Pick the one which has availability in your locality along with a subscription.


6. Connect your Streaming Account 

Further, follow the instructions to connect your HBO Go or HBO Now account to the Scener app. This step usually involves logging in to your HBO account within Scener to authorise access.

7. Invite your Friends 

Once your HBO Watch Party is set up, you can invite your friends or participants to join. Scener provides various invitation options, such as sharing a link or sending invitations via email.

8. Begin Streaming Together 

Once your friends have joined the HBO Watch Party, you can start streaming HBO Go or HBO Now content together. Choose the show or movie you want to watch, and Scener will synchronize the playback across all participants' screens.

Notably: Please note that the steps may vary slightly depending on updates to the Scener app or changes made by HBO to their streaming platforms. Make sure to check the latest instructions or support documentation provided by Scener for the most accurate and up-to-date guidance.