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What to Watch on HBO Max Right Now in 2022

Batman Image

What to watch on HBO Max? It’s quite a popular streaming website amongst the binge-watchers. Therefore, HBO Max is prominent worldwide. HBO Max streams thousands of different movies and shows. Furthermore, almost all of the movies and shows are the highest-grossing of all time. Each one of the movies and shows is widely famous and worth watching. Moreover, thriller, fantasy, fiction, horror, and comedy fanatics can rely on HBO MAX. All genres could be easily found if this question pings you up of “what to watch on HBO Max?” Besides, you can now connect and stream your favorite movies or shows on HBO Max online via the HBO Max Watch Party Platform. 

Therefore, don’t be confused now on what to watch on HBO MAX. Hence, here are a enumerated few topnotch binge worthy movies and shows of all time:



An A-listed starrer movie, in which Diana (Gal Gadot), princess of Amazons, is one of the prime warriors among all warriors in Amazons. Furthermore, her life takes a tragic turn when she meets an American pilot( Chris Pine). With him, she abandoned her home and walked on the path to find her true destiny. Additionally, on what to watch on HBO max, this movie is watch-worthy; full of action, fiction, fantasy, and a pinch of romance.

2. Z

If this question is poking you up of what to watch on HBO max, then this movie is a perfect example of action, horror, thriller, and fiction. In addition to this, these genre fanatics can stream this movie together at HBO max house party. Moreover, a UN investigator Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt), begins to investigate the deadly virus spreading all over. This virus has spread by a mere bite and turns living beings into vicious numb attackers. See what happens next. However, you can watch how the plot ends with your mates at the HBO max house party.


Leonardo DiCaprio is the major heartthrob starring in this movie besides Tobey Maguire. The main character Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire), revolves around mid-west 1922. However, he aspired to become instantly famous and wealthy. When he meets millionaire Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio), his life takes a tragic turn. Therefore, to see his life turn around, immediately click on what to manage on HBO max icon and get a thrilling experience. You can stream movies on HBO house parties with your buddies.



Euphoria, a 2019 show still going on, depicts the life of teenagers dealing with stress, depression, drugs, relationships, and other traumas. However, this show got widely famous for its approach to fundamental issues with teenagers nowadays. Indeed, it is a thrilling and intense show to watch if your mind is jumbling on what to watch on HBO max. Furthermore, stream this show online through HBO max house party platform to enjoy it with friends.

2. Friends

FRIENDS is an incessantly desired tv show of all time. Though, the title says it all for its summary. If you want to have fun and laugh up a little, don’t struggle up and just go for FRIENDS on what to watch on HBO max icon. Therefore, it will set up a joyful light mood, and you can enjoy this among your own friends on HBO max house party in sync now.


Thriller, action, intense, fantasy mystery drama fanatics, if you haven’t watched Game of Thrones(GOT) yet, stop gazing at what to watch on HBO max. Therefore, search for GOT instantly and watch it with your friends. GOT is an A-rated show that revolves around different kingdoms racing against each other for the ultimate throne.