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Top 5 Hulu movies

Top 5 Hulu movies

If you feel nothing is catching your eye on Netflix, you can always rely on Hulu. Moreover, it has a variety of great movies, growing more prominent in Hulu’s universe. Furthermore, Hulu is gradually marking its place in the entertainment industry. Therefore, you might be missing out on some real hidden gems on Hulu. Thus, Hulu has an ocean full of movies. Hence, its wide variety stretches from veteran movies from the 1950s to the latest movies.

Besides,  we understand that it knocks us out while searching for the movie. Therefore, our role is to help you find a perfect movie that will quench your thirst. Apart from this, you can enjoy your favorite movies together with your friends at a Hulu Party. Although, a bunch full of film, and yet you cannot find ‘the one’ to binge on? However, don’t stress out anymore because we are here to rescue you. Hence, here is the list of Top 5 Hulu Movies-


The Parasite movie is one of the Top Hulu movies because of the Oscar-worthy performance of its cast. Furthermore, the film won the Oscar award because of its extraordinary craftsmanship. Moreover, it depicts an insightful exploration of human behavior. Thus, this movie is a must watch for you and your friends on Hulu at a Hulu Party together.



Seven has backed its position in one of the Top Hulu movies because of its searing screenplay. However, this movie will hold your attention the entire time. Moreover, it is an adult crime-mystery thriller that hasn’t lost its unnerving grasp. Additionally, this movie consists of an A-listed cast. Therefore,  it is a perfect crime thriller movie for you to watch. Hence, giving you goosebumps through its gore effects and haunting end. Thus, watch this movie in sync with your friends at Hulu Party.



Hugo is the best watch for you and your family. Besides, it is one of the top Hulu movies because of its child-oriented perspective. Furthermore, its story revolves around Hugo, who has an unabashed love for cinema. Moreover, this movie depicts the innocence of a child’s mind. Also, this movie has created a soft spot in the hearts of many. Thus, watch this elegant fantasy with your loved ones together at a Hulu party.



A.I. is also one of the Top Hulu movies. Thus, under Steven Spielberg’s direction, this movie has caught the eyes of thriller fanatics. However, the movie contains a perfect dose of drama, conflicting with the ideas of artificial intelligence. Additionally, it depicts the morality of love. Therefore, watch how beautifully crafted this movie is, with your mates at a Hulu party in sync



Fortunately, Disney also runs Hulu. Therefore, Deadpool and Deadpool 2 are available on Hulu for you to binge on. Moreover, Deadpool is a perfect comedy, action-packed film. Furthermore, it has a plot of a superhero who can heal himself abnormally. Therefore, this gleeful movie is wildly entertaining, starring Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, the main character. Hence, watch this power packing action movie with your friends at the Hulu Party together.